The Significance of Manufacturing Within Florida’s Economy

Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 9:30AM

The Significance of Manufacturing Within Florida’s Economy

Florida’s robust and business-friendly infrastructure makes our state an ideal destination for manufacturing operations. It makes sense, then, why we have observed a growth in the manufacturing industry that is unparalleled by most other states. In fact, Florida’s economy added manufacturing jobs at a clip of plus 6% in 2020, compared to the United States as a whole losing 1.7% over the same period of time. Only one state – Texas – has created more manufacturing jobs over the past 5 years.

In the past, Florida’s economy was anchored by the boom and bust of several different industries. However, in order to secure a secure economical future, the Florida Chamber of Commerce is now taking a more proactive approach. Now, our state is one of the country’s leaders in economic development, and a great many of our successes have been dependent on an ever-growing manufacturing base.

From semiconductors to satellites and batteries to boats, Florida’s manufacturing industry exports a plethora of goods each year. Our pro-business policies, skilled workforce, and access to both domestic and global markets make the state an appealing location to put down roots. These factors, in turn, promote growth for manufacturers, which allows Florida’s economy to flourish in the face of a global pandemic.

Numbers don’t lie, but they do help paint the picture of why manufacturing is so important to Florida’s economy. As of 2020, Florida is home to over 20,200 manufacturing companies. Between those companies, over 371,000 workers are employed, which accounts for 4.23% of the state’s workforce. In 2018, the total output from manufacturing exceeded $55 billion. At this rate, according to the Chamber of Commerce’s Florida 2030 Blueprint, our state will boast the 10th largest economy in the world nine years from now.

Florida’s robust infrastructure makes it easy to see why manufacturers have an easy time thriving in the Sunshine State. Here, manufacturers enjoy access to one of the most extensive multi-modal transportation systems in the world. This gives businesses the ability to move their products anywhere around the world. Our infrastructure includes over 100 airports, 15 deep-water ports within 90 miles of a business, 3,000 miles of freight rail tracks, and over 122,000 miles of highway. The supply chain is already in place for manufacturers to take advantage of.

Southeast Volusia is happy to welcome two new manufacturers to the area, adding to Florida’s already robust business community. Bajio utilizes eco-conscious materials to make sunglasses that block more blue light than any other brand on the market. Their mission is to reduce our footprint on the earth with sustainably driven practices while delivering an unbeatable product for the modern angler. Factory Direct Marine & RV is building boats and recreational vehicles with affordability in mind. Their new facility in Edgewater makes it easy for residents of Southeast Volusia to find the vehicles of their dreams.

The lifestyle of Southeast Volusia is something to behold, though it’s our economic resources that make this region of the state a destination for manufacturers. As we continue to add more manufacturers to the area, so too does the economy of Florida continue to boom. To learn more about bringing your manufacturing business to Florida, give your friends at the Southeast Volusia Manufacturing and Technology Coalition a call today. We are happy to discuss financial resources and available properties to help bring you to the place where you belong.

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