A message from the future…from Southeast Volusia. Florida’s wild blue yonder.

Welcome to a very special corner of the world. Not only is Southeast Volusia closely aligned with neighboring Daytona Beach and Orlando, but it's even closer to Florida’s legendary Space Coast. In fact, Volusia County anchors Central Florida’s High Tech Corridor. Technology is right at home in Southeast Volusia, and Southeast Volusia is right at home in aviation, aerospace and other tech-driven industries. In fact, over the past two years, capital investment by companies new to the area or expanding in Southeast Volusia has exceeded $200 million. So, if your company belongs in the future, it belongs in New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill or Edgewater….where the yonder is a little bluer.

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Tax Advantages

Florida is known for its preferred tax climate.

Right-To-Work State.

Business friendly Governments

Sales & Use Tax Exemptions

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The Good Life

The lifestyle of Southeast Volusia County region is legendary. The weather is spectacular most of the year. The beaches are magnificent. Inland waterways, springs and lakes are beautiful. The fishing is world class. Real estate values are impressive. Land and construction costs are extremely competitive. Health care is exceptional. The public and private schools are highly regarded, as are our many colleges and universities. Air service is convenient.

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Southeast Volusia in the News
Location, location, location. The significance of this classic adage rings especially true when it comes to your new business. Beyond keeping your customer base satisfied with reliability, superior products, customer service, and more, you also want to make sure that you are starting your business in a location that you love where people feel welcomed. Southeast Volusia boasts key advantages that are sure to allow any company to flourish! Simply read on to learn more about the many reasons why our region is waiting to host your business.
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From Southeast Volusia Manufacturing and Technology Coalition (SEVMTC) to our City Partners, our business leaders, and our educators, thank you for your support of our community!  We are a third of the way through 2021, and SEVMTC is excited about the continued opportunities for the rest of this year! Stay tuned to SEVMTC and connect with us for more about our current and proposed new businesses, city and SEVMTC news and a new exclusive technical training programs for Volusia County. 
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