Soaring to New Heights: Aviation Takes Off in Southeast Volusia

Mon, Nov 20, 2023 at 4:05PM

Soaring to New Heights: Aviation Takes Off in Southeast Volusia

Aviation is positively soaring here in Southeast Volusia, Florida. Perched at Florida’s eastern edge near Kennedy Space Center, Southeast Volusia boasts a prime location for aviation location. With easy airport access, proximity to renowned schools like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and ample business incentives, it’s no surprise that this industry is thriving here!

In this article, we’ll do a flyby of what makes Southeast Volusia so appealing for companies looking to climb those blue skies to success. So, read on for a bird’s eye view of this high-flying industry!

Access to Major Aviation Hubs

Southeast Volusia’s prime location near Orlando and the Space Coast gives our aviation businesses some exceptional connectivity. We’re just a jump from Orlando International Airport, a quick drive from Daytona Beach International, and a stone’s throw from Kennedy Space Center.

This means our local aerospace companies can easily link up with the big aviation players clustered in those areas. Orlando's abundant simulation, training, manufacturing and international passenger capabilities create all sorts of partnership potential. And the Space Coast’s continual launch activities and engineering expertise offer endless collaboration opportunities.

Plus, being able to tap into these major hubs while enjoying lower costs and an ideal lifestyle here in Southeast Volusia? That’s a win-win.

Thriving Local Aviation Businesses

But, aside from our central positioning, aviation is thriving right in our own backyard, too. Consider local organizations like Epic Flight Academy. This flight school headquartered at New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport has positively taken off in recent years to become one of America’s largest. Recently, Epic awarded a whopping $80,000 in scholarships to seven impressive high school students interested in soaring into aviation careers.

Winners included Robert Brown, Orion Maka, Juliana Gonzalez, Melissa Hernandez, Roger Roden, Cody Stebbins, and Shemuel Ortiz. Sponsors for these future flyers included Piedmont Airlines, FlyExclusive, Ameriflight and JS Firm. We’re proud to see local aviation organizations investing in the next generation!

And on top of that, Epic also partnered with Purdue University to offer aviation students a way to work toward their bachelor’s degree alongside flight certifications. The proof is there – aviation has a bright future rising from right within Southeast Volusia!

Epic is just one of many aerospace leaders calling our region home base. With our aviation infrastructure and highly-skilled workforce, Southeast Volusia has what it takes for this industry to continue reaching new heights.

Workforce Development

And speaking of building that strong workforce, our local schools are helping students’ aviation dreams take flight. Consider our proximity to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. With its world-class aviation and aerospace programs, this gem located in Daytona Beach provides research, education and training that launches careers to new horizons.

Embry-Riddle graduates make up over 25% of commercial pilots in the U.S. – an incredible talent pipeline! Their degree programs in everything from aviation maintenance to air traffic control to aerospace engineering cultivate experts that advance the field regionally and worldwide.

At the same time, local high schools are focusing more on those critical STEM skills that our future aviation specialists need. From classrooms to runways, Southeast Volusia has an absolutely stellar education ecosystem preparing students for aviation greatness.

Business-Friendly Skies

On top of that, our corner of Florida offers aviation companies the infrastructure, incentives and assistance needed for clear skies ahead. For instance, the state provides some excellent tax exemptions on aviation sales and maintenance. And our local airports have substantial general and corporate aviation capabilities.

There’s ample land and facilities here for aerospace operations or expansion too. And our regional economic development experts actively help newcomers navigate the business atmosphere. From permitting to networking to funding opportunities, we’ve got ways to help aviation take off.

The Sky’s the Limit in Southeast Volusia

Landing or expanding an aviation or aerospace business in Southeast Volusia offers a whole runway of advantages:

  • Prime location near major aviation centers
  • Strong education programs building future workforce
  • Excellent infrastructure and business incentives
  • Pro-growth communities and regional partners
  • Space for new projects and facilities


Southeast Volusia is truly a hub of aviation activity, from our educational institutes cultivating future flyers to manufacturers crafting tomorrow’s aerospace technologies today. With advantages from talent to location, our region is ready to help aviation continue climbing to new altitudes.

So if you’re an aviation or aerospace company seeking blue skies ahead, set your sights on Southeast Volusia. Our region has the right conditions for your enterprise to soar. Southeast Volusia Manufacturing and Technology Coalition is always ready to help newcomers find their wings. Contact us anytime to start scoping out how Southeast Volusia can help your aviation aspirations reach new heights!


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