Celebrating Manufacturing Excellence in Southeast Volusia

Fri, Oct 27, 2023 at 12:41PM

Celebrating Manufacturing Excellence in Southeast Volusia

At the Southeast Volusia Manufacturing and Technology Coalition (SEVMTC), we are thrilled to celebrate Manufacturing Month this October. Volusia County is home to over 400 manufacturers that are critical to local job creation and economic growth. In support of this vital sector, we want to spotlight the incredible manufacturing innovation happening right here in Volusia County.

Medical Devices Save Lives

Medical device manufacturing may sometimes fly under the radar, but it’s a crucial industry that improves and saves lives every day. We’re honored to have some major industry players developing essential healthcare solutions right here at home. Their work has ripple effects that benefit all of us.

For example, consider the crucial contributions of local manufacturer, Custom Tube Products. Headquartered in Edgewater, they specialize in fabricating small to medium sized tubes. Their work in producing simple to complex bent tubes serves the complex needs of various medical industry customers – but also supports aviation, industrial, and commercial industries, as well.

Aviation Soars to New Heights

When you think Volusia County, think aviation. Our local manufacturers showcase the incredible aviation industry work happening in and around Southeast Volusia. This industry pushes boundaries in design, materials and manufacturing techniques that drive progress in air and space technology. The cutting-edge work being done right here improves transportation and defense capabilities both nationally and worldwide. Our region helps ensure aviation continues reaching new heights, and we're proud to have manufacturers like Schultz Engineering and Sauer Group driving aviation innovation right here in Southeast Volusia.

Schultz Engineering, located in Edgewater, has pioneered fueling systems for both aviation and motorsports for over 25 years. Founder Rob Schultz is considered a global expert on fueling equipment, with his innovative designs used around the world.

Sauer Group, also based in our region, has taken on major projects for NASA, the Air Force, Boeing and more over the past four decades. Sauers' work on launch pads, heavy mechanical services, and more has supported breakthroughs in aviation and space exploration.

With manufacturers like Schultz and Sauer, it's no wonder Southeast Volusia remains on the cutting edge of flight technology. We're proud to have these aviation innovators calling our region home. Their work ensures our skies, and space, have a bright future!

Marine Manufacturing Makes Waves

Southeast Volusia is home to legendary boating brands like Boston Whaler, Edgewater Power Boats and Everglades Boats. Their innovative designs and master craftsmanship make them industry superstars. We take great pride that these globally recognized manufacturers produce world-class vessels right here in our coastal community.

Our region has a rich history as a hub for boat building, and marine manufacturing remains an important industry today. It provides quality jobs and drives tourism and recreation along the Intracoastal Waterway. This sector also advances designs, materials and production methods that improve performance, safety and sustainability on the water. We’re proud that our Southeast Volusia manufacturers make waves worldwide.

Diverse Offerings Strengthen Our Economy

Beyond medical, aviation, and marine, we have manufacturers throughout our county producing diverse products with outstanding quality. This variety makes our manufacturing ecosystem more resilient and drives growth across sectors like construction, technology, consumer goods and more.

For example, Dougherty Manufacturing provides custom metal fabrication and machining for projects across industries. Their work elevates innovation and capabilities locally and beyond. Diverse offerings from our broad manufacturing base attract related businesses and talented workers to the region. This interconnection makes Southeast Volusia a strong hub for manufacturing overall.

Preparing Our Future Workforce

To sustain manufacturing excellence, we must also develop our future workforce. That’s why SEVMTC partners closely with schools like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona State College and EPIC Flight Academy. Their programs cultivate the technical skills and hands-on experience students need to excel in modern manufacturing.

Many local manufacturers also open their doors to educate youth. For example, during Manufacturing Month, companies host high school students to showcase career opportunities. Events like the VMA Robot Brawl let students work alongside manufacturers to build robots and experience technology firsthand. Daytona State College gives students an inside look at manufacturing careers with events such as the recent Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Manufacturers Career Poster Unveiling and FAME Open House Event.

These opportunities inspire young people to pursue rewarding careers that strengthen manufacturing here. Workforce development ensures Southeast Volusia remains a hub of manufacturing talent and innovation for generations to come.

Celebrating Manufacturing in Southeast Volusia

Manufacturing Month provides a great opportunity to recognize this vital sector and its far-reaching impacts. As an organization that supports manufacturing, SEVMTC applauds the ingenuity and diligence of our local manufacturers. Their work ethic, mastery and pride in craftsmanship are second to none.

We encourage the community to join us in celebrating manufacturing this October. Consumers can look for locally-made products. Educators can emphasize the many high-skill, high-wage careers available at area manufacturers. And manufacturers can open their doors to give students and families a firsthand look at the magic happening within.

Together, we can showcase the people and companies driving this essential sector. Manufacturing makes Southeast Volusia a great place to live, work and do business. Even as we close out Manufacturing Month this October, we encourage our community to celebrate the contributions of our local manufacturers all year long!

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