Crafting Your 2024 Success Story with Southeast Volusia's Economic Resources

Tue, Dec 26, 2023 at 11:05AM

Crafting Your 2024 Success Story with Southeast Volusia's Economic Resources

As we close out another prosperous year for our local businesses and entrepreneurs, Southeast Volusia can already tell that a bright new day is dawning in 2024! With Florida's Space Coast momentum accelerating enterprises across aviation, aerospace, and countless future-leaning industries, our region stands poised in a prime position to help these visionary companies reach incredible growth.

So – what does that mean for you and your business? As you’re starting to cast your visions ahead to the new year (and consider all the progress you’ve made in the past year), you might have Southeast Volusia appearing on your radar as an ideal hub to elevate operations. If so, we’re here to help you realize all the incredible benefits waiting to help your business soar! Our combination of workforce aptitude, business incentives, capital access and community spirit crafts a launch pad for organizations charting ambitious trajectories.

And isn't seizing 2024 the perfect timing to start an exhilarating new chapter? The new year represents embracing change, setting big goals and manifesting success through focused execution. All in all, Southeast Volusia shares that ethos. We too are aiming higher, moving faster, and innovating more than ever. So, if you’re ready to take the leap, let’s explore some incredible resources available to you in 2024:

Talent Abounds to Propel Your Progress

Of course, bold plans demand skilled teams ready to deliver. Finding and retaining talent poses one of the foremost pain points for growing companies across sectors. But Southeast Volusia holds rich resources to fuel your crew needs.

Beyond our region's business-friendly atmosphere and sunny lifestyle draw, Volusia County institutes comprehensive workforce programs. From assisting with candidate recruitment to funding skills reinforcement across manufacturing, tech and beyond, we enable enterprises to optimize their human capital from day one.

The county’s Quick Response and Incumbent Worker initiatives facilitate flexible, responsive training aligned with each organization's strengths. Pair this with access to nearby academies like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the talent channel supplying Southeast Volusia stays primed with the perfect balance of both new energy and increasing wisdom to actualize innovations.

Incentives Offer New Tailwinds

With payloads of promising talent at the ready, companies stationed in Southeast Volusia gain further boosts from our comprehensive business incentives. Targeted tax breaks, growth grants and financing tools propel operations expansion from the drawing board to tangibly increased output.

For example, manufacturers ramping up production may deduct 100% of equipment investments from tax liability. Others exploring experimental technologies secure matching research dollars to transform enterprising ideas into commercial ventures.

Sectors from aerospace to tech to boatbuilding similarly access capital cost reductions and upfront funding to stretch working budgets focused on growth. Tax savings then compound as abatements excuse asset improvement expenditures that increase operational capacity.

In short: we aim to clear your path of tax and cost obstacles so progress speeds faster. Paired with our affordable real estate and construction costs, Southeast Volusia firms gain chances to channel more capital directly into infrastructure, equipment and other drivers of scalability.

The Capital Access to Fund Your Future

Speaking of cost efficiencies and managing cash flow, enterprises seeking capital to fund expansion can tap plentiful resources through our regional network.

There are tax-free revenue bond financing opportunities available through the The Volusia County Industrial Development Authority. Between revenue bond issuances, federal tax credit syndications, SBA loan guarantees and alternative financing vehicles, growing manufacturers and tech innovators can find fertile funding fields in Southeast Volusia.

State-brokered industrial development loans supply 100% financing for projects at very favorable rates. New Market Tax Credit allocation blankets enterprises in key target areas with low-cost debt for facilities and equipment purchases. SBA guaranties eliminate lender risk to open access to lasting capital ideal for ownership transitions and growth financing.

Add in local investor groups specifically targeting manufacturers and aerospace companies expanding in Southeast Volusia, and capital becomes a catalyst rather than a constraint to leveling-up operations. We open financing channels tailored to each organization’s circumstances.

The Runway Stretches Clear for 2024 Prosperity

So for enterprises seeking a perfect locale aligned to support more jobs, more output, and more long-term upside, direct your attention to Southeast Volusia!

The new year offers a chance to manifest intentions into tangible growth. Our region stands ready to supply the worker talent, business incentives, operational facilities and growth capital that actualize results. Align your ambitions with our resources to start engineering your next chapter – we’d love to speak with you!

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