About Southeast Volusia
About Southeast Volusia



“Northwest Lineman Center located to the City of Edgewater in early 2016 and began to refurbish an existing building.  We meet with city officials and staff on numerous occasions during the build.   The City of Edgewater staff has been welcoming and always ready to help with any issue that might arise.

The communities of Edgewater and Oak Hill immediately embraced our center and many residents and organizations have volunteered to help with events here at the campus.   NLC is happy to be in Southeast Volusia county and look forward to giving back to the community in the years to come.”

- Karen Bosch


“A few years back, it was South Carolina or Edgewater, FL.  Right away, the city came through for us and made an effort to keep us around. It was immediately clear that we made the right decision.  The City of Edgewater has been amazing to work with and the community has been incredibly welcoming to our new endevours.  The Dougherty’s roots run pretty deep here, but even so, it was the pro-business nature of Edgewater that made staying possible.  We tell people on a daily basis how happy we are with the City— plus the talent here is second to none.  We look forward to being a partner and together, see how we can take this town in to the next decade.”

Sarah Dougherty