What Are Brownfields? Why Redevelopment Is Important in Southeast Volusia County

Fri, Sep 23, 2022 at 9:00AM

What Are Brownfields? Why Redevelopment Is Important in Southeast Volusia County

Finding commercial real estate in Florida isn’t easy, which is why more developers are revitalizing brownfields. What are brownfields, and why is it important to reuse abandoned real estate in Southeast Volusia County?

What Are Brownfields?

Most communities in Florida have brownfields, although you can’t always see them. Brownfields are defined as real property with a potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. This potential contamination prevents the development or reuse of that property.

In many cases, brownfield properties are abandoned because there’s a perception of pollution without actual hazards. Abandoned property often appears unsafe even when it isn’t. The stigma often prevents developers from reusing the vacated property.

Advantages of Manufacturing in Florida Brownfields

Commercial real estate in Florida can be difficult to find. By revitalizing and redeveloping brownfields, commercial developers can transform abandoned community spaces and revitalize the surrounding area. 

While the brownfield development process involves environmental assessments, many of these abandoned areas are full of potential. They may have been former gas stations, dry cleaners, and manufacturing facilities, but the real estate is ripe for redevelopment.

Benefits of Redevelopment in Southeast Volusia County

The redevelopment of brownfields benefits the community of Southeast Volusia County in many ways:

  • It improves partnerships between the public and private sectors
  • It protects the public health and the environment
  • It strengthens the economic marketplace
  • It revitalizes the community

Manufacturing in Florida has distinct advantages for the company as well. The beauty of the region and its proximity to the coast are helpful in attracting employees and promoting their long-term satisfaction and happiness.

Brownfields exist in almost every community in Florida. They’re found in the abandoned parts of town, but there are pockets of brownfields you may not even notice. When commercial developers revitalize brownfields, everyone benefits. 

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