5 Ways to Celebrate Women in STEM Day

Mon, Feb 14, 2022 at 2:02PM

5 Ways to Celebrate Women in STEM Day

Women in STEM Day is a day of recognition that has been set aside to honor the accomplishments of women in various science disciplines. By highlighting women in STEM, the day encourages people to learn more about ways to support young women who are interested in entering STEM fields.

The best way to make the most of Women in STEM Day is to take action. You can start with these five steps.

  1. Learn Why Women in STEM Day Exists

Why did the UN designate February 11th as Women in STEM day? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • To honor women who have contributed to science and technology in the past
  • To encourage young women to consider becoming scientists and engineers
  • To recognize and address issues including lack of access to funding and discrimination
  • To motivate people to take action to ensure gender equality in STEM fields

The more you understand the history and meaning of Women in STEM Day, the more meaningful your celebration will be. 

  1. Research a Nearby STEM Industry, Such as Aerospace in Florida

No matter where you live, chances are there are women doing amazing things in science, engineering, and technology. There’s Silicon Valley in California, aerospace in Florida, and the Research Triangle in North Carolina. Learn more about STEM in your region. You may be surprised to learn about the state of innovation near you and the role that women play.

Remember to look into your local colleges and universities. Chances are there is some valuable and interesting research happening right in your backyard.

  1. Contact Your Representative

There are roadblocks that prevent women and girls from pursuing STEM fields. When they overcome those challenges, they may face discrimination and other issues. As a result, many leave STEM fields for other pursuits. 

Fortunately, you are empowered to do something about this. If your local representative knows that you and other constituents want to see policies that support women in STEM, they will take action. Get started by sending an email or making a call.

  1. Explore STEM Programs in Your Area

STEM programs exist in almost every location. These include:

Whether you are a woman in a STEM field in search of support, or you’re helping a young woman interested in science and technology, there are resources available nearby.

  1. Consider a Career in STEM for Yourself 

The truth is that STEM needs women. Companies in STEM industries, including aerospace, computing, healthcare technology, and green energy, need new talent to grow. The demand for tech-related products and services is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, not enough women are entering these fields.

If you are a woman or girl exploring career options, why not celebrate Women in STEM Day by looking into some exciting fields? If you know somebody, remind them that a career in the sciences is for everybody – regardless of gender.

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