4 Reasons Your Business Should Start in Southeast Volusia

Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 3:35PM

4 Reasons Your Business Should Start in Southeast Volusia

Location, location, location. The significance of this classic adage rings especially true when it comes to your new business. Beyond keeping your customer base satisfied with reliability, superior products, customer service, and more, you also want to make sure that you are starting your business in a location that you love where people feel welcomed.

With a plethora of benefits to owners of businesses both established and new, Southeast Volusia is a true destination. Aviation, aerospace, and other tech-driven industries are right at home in our corner of Volusia County thanks to a favorable financial climate, an eager workforce, and our undeniable quality of life.

Capital investment by companies new or expanding to the area has exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years – a true indicator of the fruitful opportunities that abound here. Southeast Volusia boasts key advantages that are sure to allow any company to flourish! Simply read on to learn more about the many reasons why our region is waiting to host your business.

Access to a Talented Workforce

Success for your business goes beyond choosing an impeccable site, it depends heavily on the community as well. Our beautiful environment attracts exceptional workers from across the nation who choose to live and work in an enviable setting. Not only do we foster young professionals in Southeast Volusia, but we also offer a wide array of dynamic workforce development programs designed to reduce your costs and ensure that your business has convenient access to a workforce that is eager to go to work for you.


Work Hard and Play Harder

Volusia County is ripe with vibrant coastal communities, each just as chock full of incredible activities as the rest. With years that are filled to the brim with sunshine and mild weather, we take very few days off from all the things that make Florida living so fulfilling. Besides hosting major manufacturers such as Boston Whaler and Everglades Boats, our three cities – New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, and Oak Hill – are also known for their active lifestyle, which includes legendary fishing and breath-taking beaches.

Business Friendly Governments and Favorable Tax Incentives

We create an environment for our local businesses that enables them to grow and succeed. With our pro-business stance, Southeast Volusia has county and city governments that keep your best interests at heart. A long list of sales and use tax exemptions contribute to a healthy climate for our businesses, including:

  • Machinery used by businesses to manufacture or produce personal property for sale
  • Certain boiler fuels used in manufacturing, including natural gas
  • Labor components of research and development expenditures
  • Aircraft parts, modification, maintenance, repair, and sale or lease of qualified aircraft
  • And many more!

Lush Landscapes Right in Our Backyard

The magnificent beaches and sparkling waterways that attract tourists to Southeast Volusia year-round act as the backdrop for our local business owners and workforce. Monthly art and wine walks, car shows, food festivals, and similar events all set against a backdrop of beautiful beaches contribute to New Smyrna Beach’s ranking as one of America’s best small art towns. In Edgewater, Southern charm and hospitality are just as alive and well as its flourishing manufacturing community – in fact, it is known as The Hospitality City! Oak Hill embraces its “old Florida” heritage and welcomes new businesses of the future while preserving its historic environment, which includes ancient shell mounds, lagoons, and iconic seashores.

Originally established in 1926, the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce has worked hard to promote business and economic development for each of our beloved communities. Today, we push forward as your business advocate – we work on your behalf by representing your best interests in local and state issues. Contact the Southeast Volusia Manufacturing & Technology Coalition today to learn more about the many advantages of starting your business in beautiful Southeast Volusia.


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