Why Sunny Southeast Volusia's Quality of Life Is Important to Attracting Top Talent

Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 9:00AM

Why Sunny Southeast Volusia's Quality of Life Is Important to Attracting Top Talent


Today, the job market is competitive. Even the best employers must find ways to attract top job candidates. While the workforce in Central Florida is strong, you may need to recruit outside of the area to meet your staffing needs. When you do, don’t dismiss the quality of life in Southeast Volusia as an important factor in attracting top talent.

Factors of Quality of Life for the Workforce in Central Florida

If you plan to highlight Central Florida’s quality of life during your recruiting efforts, you should have a clear idea of the specific elements you want to promote. Start by considering the things that job-seekers might use when weighing one job offer against another. In Southeast Volusia, those might include:

  • High concentration of top-ranked schools

  • Proximity to the coast

  • Availability of public transportation

  • Dynamic neighborhoods

  • Good economic health and infrastructure

  • Variety of recreational opportunities

Supportive of an Outdoor Lifestyle

Opportunities and professional growth are also important quality-of-life factors. Talent is attracted to areas where there are greater opportunities. Florida workforce development opportunities are abundant in SE Volusia, and that is a big selling point.

Why Quality of Life Is More Important than Ever

Although the phrase is a bit cliche, workers are prioritizing work-life balance more than ever. In addition to focusing on what employers have to offer, they also want to live in healthy, thriving communities. Additionally, the increased adoption of remote work has led to many members of the workforce relocating to more desirable regions. 

Southeast Volusia: An Easy Sell 

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to convince candidates of the quality of life in Southeast Volusia. The area has plenty to offer that talented candidates want, and employers should focus on these benefits in their recruiting campaigns.

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