The Sky's the Limit: What to Expect for the Future of Florida Aviation

Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

The Sky's the Limit: What to Expect for the Future of Florida Aviation

While the peninsular Sunshine State is known for its great beaches, strong tourist-centric economy, and unmatched citrus production, it also has a thriving aviation industry. Although the aeronautical sector is already thriving, several factors have made the outlook for the future of aviation in Florida extremely positive.

Key Factors Shaping Aviation in Florida

In the coming years, the aviation industry has the potential to reach unprecedented heights in the Sunshine State, thanks in large part to the following factors:

A Pro-Business Government

Florida’s government has developed a reputation for being extremely pro-business. This reputation holds true both at the state and local levels, as municipalities are constantly seeking creative ways to attract big businesses to their region.

While there are many desirable locales in the Sunshine State, coastal cities are particularly appealing due to the quality of life that they can offer to organizational leaders and their staff.

Talented Workers and Quality Training Opportunities

While a pro-business government is certainly appealing to investors, corporations, and other entities, these organizations must also consider the level of talent that is available in each area. Once again, Florida stands out from other regions.

Florida, particularly the east coast, has become a high-tech corridor that provides businesses with access to an abundance of talented workers and training opportunities.

Between the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, several other reputable colleges and universities, and the multitude of international airports, aviation entities can easily tap into the resources they need to thrive.

An Abundance of Commercial Real Estate

In addition to providing aviation organizations with access to talent, training opportunities, and governmental support, there is also an abundance of commercial real estate in Florida.

Businesses interested in developing or expanding aeronautical operations within the Sunshine State will be able to find the land needed to accomplish their growth goals. Florida’s aviation ecosystem exhibits all three pillars necessary to facilitate continued growth and advancement, including:

  • A pro-business government
  • Plenty of land and natural resources
  • A talented workforce

Cumulatively, these factors will allow aviation in Florida to thrive for years to come.

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