New Smyrna Beach's New Frontier: Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Healthcare

Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 10:12AM

New Smyrna Beach's New Frontier: Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Healthcare

Advancements in medical technology continue to grow every and every day, bringing amazing new solutions to patients in need around the world – and now, right here in Southeast Volusia County! In particular, New Smyrna Beach is now finding itself right at the forefront of a technological revolution in healthcare, as cutting-edge advancements in surgical robotics and minimally invasive procedures are transforming patient outcomes and attracting top medical talent to our region.

As a recent game-changer in medical progress, AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach introduced the da Vinci Xi® surgical system this year – a feat that solidified our region's position as a frontrunner in the world of medical technology. Read on to learn more about what this new tool brings to our medical community, and how Southeast Volusia is poised to drive even further medical advancement in the near future.

The Growing Role of Robotics in Health Care

The use of robots in the medical field might seem futuristic and unfamiliar to many, but surgical robots right here in New Smyrna Beach are modernizing health care, granting countless benefits to surgeons and patients alike.

The da Vinci Xi® is a technological marvel that allows surgeons to perform complex procedures through tiny incisions, using miniature robotic arms that are controlled by the surgeon's skilled hands. New tools like the Xi® are always ready to conquer even the toughest medical battles with unprecedented precision, control, and finesse.

At the same time, utilizing surgical robots allows those smaller incisions and an overall less-invasive surgery, which can mean a smaller impact to the human body and less complications involved with procedures. Tools like the Xi® will likely result in much-improved surgical outcomes for patients and less time spent on hospital stays, too.

The first procedure performed with this robotic system in our community was a hernia repair – but that procedure is just the tip of the iceberg for robotically-assisted surgery. This cutting-edge technology isn't limited to general surgery; it's a game-changer for a wide range of specialties, including gynecology, urology, and beyond. This level of surgical prowess was once the stuff of science fiction, but now it’s a reality in our very own backyard.

Innovation in Southeast Volusia County

But wait, there's more! This surgical robotics revolution is just one facet of a much larger story unfolding right here in Southeast Volusia County. We're not solely a beautiful seaside community anymore; we're a rapidly-growing hub for technology and healthcare innovation, too.

Our region is strategically located at the eastern gateway of Florida's High-Tech Corridor, and our experts and innovators take advantage of access to powerhouse educational institutions like the Florida Institute of Technology and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Our talent pipeline is often known to supply the workforce with some of the brightest minds in engineering and aviation – but we’re seeing huge growth in healthcare and biotechnology, too. And you know what that means? A steady supply of fresh, innovative thinkers ready to take our region to new heights. And our learners are already getting involved with these exciting new advancements. Recently, students and staff from New Smyrna Beach High School were invited to observe the benefits of AdventHealth’s new da Vinci Xi® - and it’s opportunities like these that strive to get future health care professionals excited about a future in these fast-growing fields.

Fertile Ground for Health Care and Technology

Now, we know what you're thinking: "That's all well and good, but what's in it for my business?" If you’re seeking the right space to relocate or expand as your business grows in the health care or technology space, you’ll find that Southeast Volusia County has a whole lot to offer.

To start, you’ll find ample available land and many excellent sites to explore. Add a pro-business government and competitive land and construction costs, and you’ll understand that our region is a dream come true for companies looking to accelerate their success and overall progress. Don’t forget about our growing reputation as a hub for medical and surgical product manufacturing, with many leading manufacturers already calling Southeast Volusia home.

As the intersection of technology and healthcare continues to blur, Southeast Volusia County is poised to become a breeding ground for innovation in these dynamic fields. In the coming years, perhaps you too will find yourself here at the forefront of robotic-assisted surgery, working alongside the da Vinci Xi® and shaping the brilliant future of patient care. Or picture yourself as a biotech trailblazer, developing groundbreaking medical devices and solutions that improve lives around the globe. No matter the dreams you hope to achieve, it all begins here in Southeast Volusia County!

Growing A Career In Health Care

The best part? Our community is full of endless opportunities for the young professionals seeking to carve out a dream career in cutting-edge industries like health care and technology. Whether you're an aspiring surgeon, nurse, healthcare technician, engineer, researcher, or developer, our region offers a fertile landscape for you to thrive and make your mark.

Imagine being part of one of our local teams pioneering the next generation of surgical techniques, honing your skills with the latest robotic technologies and setting new standards for precision and patient outcomes. Others might become the driving force behind a revolutionary medical device, translating groundbreaking ideas into tangible products that change lives for the better. You might even find yourself participating in exciting new local initiatives as they grow and benefit many lives in our community, such as changes to AdventHealth’s oncology program which consolidate excellent care for patients while combining all cancer treatments under one roof.

With exciting new developments each day, forging a career in Southeast Volusia County means positioning yourself in meaningful work while finding success with the brightest innovators in the business. And, in terms of balancing work and lifestyle, you’ll find that growing a career in Southeast Volusia County offers an unbeatable lifestyle year-round. With plenty of stunning beaches, pristine waterways, world-class fishing, and a laid-back vibe, living here can make you feel like you're on permanent vacation. Southeast Volusia County is the ultimate playground for those who know how to work hard and play harder. So, what are you waiting for?

Chasing New Frontiers in Southeast Volusia County

Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine what it means to be at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh-faced go-getter, our region is brimming with opportunities to make your mark and be part of something truly extraordinary.

You’ll soon discover that Southeast Volusia County is home to many innovators, dreamers, and doers. Above all else, we stand united in our passion for process – but also for our love of the region we call home. We invite you to learn more with SEVMTC and join our community of professionals interacting across fields to drive progress each day. Let’s create something amazing together!

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