A Trip Through Florida’s High-Tech Corridor — And Why It Matters

Wed, Jul 26, 2023 at 1:28PM

A Trip Through Florida’s High-Tech Corridor — And Why It Matters

Our Sunshine State, once primarily renowned for its beautiful beachfront and vibrant theme parks, is now staking its rightful claim as a hub for innovation and technological progress. If you’re seeking to understand where the heart of this transformation lies, you need to look towards Florida's High-Tech Corridor. Representing a 23-county region, the Corridor shows a true testament to our state’s goals – to encourage growth throughout the sectors of technology and manufacturing in Florida for a brighter tomorrow. You can see this highlighted with three of the Corridor’s leading research institutions, including the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF), and the University of Florida (UF) – among other major colleges and universities. Overall, the Corridor is driving global impact by bringing together intellect, innovation, and industry statewide.

If your business is seeking to tap into the limitless potential that the Corridor provides, look no further than Southeast Volusia County. This strategic and appealing locale is nestled within the Corridor’s thriving ecosystem at its eastern gateway. At this convenient location including principal cities like New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, and Oak Hill, you’ll enjoy the benefits of geographical advantage, a pro-business environment, and access to a highly skilled workforce. Sound appealing? Let’s dive into all that this incredible setting has to offer to businesses forging a new path to our future.

Florida's High-Tech Corridor and Its Reach

Whenever we discuss Florida's High-Tech Corridor, we’re referring to more than just a geographical region. Beyond just a designation of local boundaries, the Corridor consists of organizations, people, and communities that are catalyzing the state’s technological capacity. Here, the Corridor brings together academia, industry, and economic development in a concerted effort, helping to exponentially unlock the potential our region holds.

This powerful, collaborative force strives to advance all our lives, creating a ripple effect of powerful advancements that can be felt not only locally or nationally, but around the entire world. By aiming for a combined vision and purpose, our region aims to shape our individually strong communities into a massive wave of progress.

The Role of Southeast Volusia County

Located within this transformative Corridor, Southeast Volusia County stands as a major player and growing center for business. This is in part driven by its logistical advantages – including access and proximity to the Space Coast, three international airports, and major seaports. Businesses in aerospace, aviation, and other technology-driven sectors can expect to find a pro-business government, available land for development, and a quality of life that rivals any other region.

Southeast Volusia’s enviable lifestyle also plays a key role in attracting and maintaining top talent – thanks to our beautiful natural environments, world-class shopping and dining, and so much more.

Universities Fueling Workforce Development

There’s strength generated in the alliance between academia and industry that thrives within Florida's High-Tech Corridor. In Southeast Volusia County, we see this synergistic relationship in action, as academic progress feeds innovation and creates new opportunities in the workforce.

Take, for example, the nearby Florida Institute of Technology and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – which have established a reputation for excellence in areas including aerospace and aviation, information technology, and more. These local universities help grow and prepare a skilled and ready workforce – but also aim to ignite the engines of research and innovation. As local businesses continue to partner with these institutions, we drive growth and progress in technology and manufacturing in Florida.

Businesses Making a Difference

From aerospace to boat manufacturing in Florida, Southeast Volusia County hosts an array of businesses. Whether a determined startup or multinational corporation, businesses throughout our county are able to leverage the robust capabilities of the Corridor.

Technology-focused businesses in Florida operate across diverse industries – including agritechnology, energy and environmental sciences, financial technology, life sciences, manufacturing, and so much more. As these companies thrive and drive economic progress in our communities, they prove the value proposition of the County and validate the ongoing strength of the Corridor.

The Future of Innovation in Volusia County

So, what might tomorrow hold? In short, our potential for technological innovation in Southeast Volusia County is incredibly promising. The stage is set for unprecedented growth – due in part to the efforts of the High-Tech Corridor, our leading academic institutions, our thriving businesses, and the support of a pro-business environment and government.

Our future will see an expansion in fields like aerospace, energy, life sciences, and digital technologies – and we know that Volusia County will be leading the charge in key areas and initiatives. Here, businesses can find fertile ground for growth and innovation in an environment that supports and fosters these ambitions.


While we explore the massive impact throughout Florida’s High-Tech Corridor, it’s important to note the many ways in which Southeast Volusia County stands out as a key destination. For businesses, we don’t just represent a strategic place for operations – but instead, a crucial partner for their growth. The Southeast Volusia Manufacturing and Technology Coalition aims to help create a seamless transition for businesses ready to take advantage of all those opportunities throughout our region.

Businesses in Southeast Volusia become part of an ongoing story of innovation, collaboration, and success. Along the way, we’re excited to welcome even more innovators and dreamers to join us on our journey and to strengthen our leadership in technology and innovation. After all – Southeast Volusia County is precisely where you want to be!

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