3 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Commercial Building

Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 9:00AM

3 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Commercial Building

Launching a new business involves a great deal of planning to ensure you leave very little to chance. This planning stage will include finding a facility for your business. 

Before you start looking for a commercial building to lease, take the time to learn how commercial leases differ from residential leases. This will better prepare you to ask the right questions.

1.     What Are the Lease Terms for Your Commercial Real Estate in Florida?

Leasing a commercial building differs from leasing a home in the way the property owner calculates rent. Make sure you understand how the property owner will charge rent before you sign the lease. 

You should also find out the shortest length of time you can lease the property. Signing a long-term lease may not be advisable until you’re sure your business will thrive.

2.   What Insurance Coverage Are You Required to Maintain?

When you lease commercial real estate, the property owner will probably require insurance coverage. Ask for details about the required type and amount of coverage. 

You should expect to obtain property insurance and liability coverage for your business, but the property owner may require other types of coverage. 

3.   What Amenities Does the Property Owner Include?

There are tenant amenities included in the rent with commercial real estate in Florida, and those amenities vary from facility to facility. They might include free maintenance for electrical and HVAC services or complimentary cleaning services. 

You should also know in advance how much parking space is available to each tenant if you’re leasing one unit in a larger complex. You’ll want to make sure you have enough space for your company’s employees and customers.

In looking for the ideal building to lease for your commercial building, try networking with professionals in your community. Get to know more real estate agents, small business owners, and construction contractors. A broader network will put you in a better position to learn about commercial buildings in the area.

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